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Benefits of Semen Retention

Today we will talk about the benefits of semen retention. Semen or retas is a very important part of our body. Its proper use opens doors for our health and success. But wasting it without thinking can be very harmful for us. So, it is important to retain semen.

Physical Benefits of Semen Retention

  • Retaining semen for 90 days or more increases our ojas and virility. We get more stamina.
  • Our face glows and radiates. We start looking more attractive and handsome.
  • Our weight gets under control. Obesity reduces.
  • We get good sleep and depression goes away.
  • Bad habits like alcohol, cigarettes, drug use are left. We stay away from such things.
  • Our creativity and productivity increases. We feel like working.
  • Immunity improves. Our ability to fight diseases improves.
  • Bones and muscles become stronger. Blood circulation improves.
  • Vigor and vitality increases.
  • Masculinity increases. We become more confident.
  • Healing happens right down to the cells of the body. Organs remain healthy.
  • The face and skin starts glowing. You look more attractive.
  • Mental clarity improves. We start thinking positively.
  • The mind gains strength. There is a desire to work.
  • We get freedom from many diseases like nightfall, impotence, prostate issues.

In this way, there are many benefits for the physical health by practicing planned celibacy. We gain more stamina. And we also stay protected from many diseases.

Mental Benefits of Semen Retention

  • The mind remains calm and focused with celibacy. The minds of those who practice brahmacharya are more focused and creative.
  • You avoid distractions. Focus improves.
  • Awareness and intellect remain steady, does not waver here and there. This helps in improving creativity.
  • You start thinking positively and become self-confident. Confidence increases.
  • Many people get freedom from anxiety and depression through celibacy.
  • You get good sleep, and the mind remains fresh. Stress reduces.
  • The mind becomes calm and steady. Anger reduces.
  • There is a desire to give up bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. Freedom from such things is obtained.
  • Strength comes into the mind. You become ambitious and focused.
  • Faith in God and Ishwar increases. You turn towards spirituality.

In this way, celibacy increases mental health and strength. We think positively and wish to make our lives better.

Spiritual Benefits of Semen Retention

  • With brahmacharya your desires become pure. You pursue noble thoughts.
  • You start focusing on your actions and thoughts, not on others.
  • Many secrets of yoga and tantra are revealed to you because of brahmacharya.
  • You understand the truth of life and dharma even better. True knowledge is obtained.
  • The mind becomes calm and focused. The ability to meditate improves.
  • Relationship with God and Deities becomes stronger. Their grace falls upon you.
  • Punya and Dharma increases. Sins reduce.
  • Your aura becomes pure and powerful. People feel attracted to you.
  • The desire to achieve moksha and higher goals of life awakens.
  • The inner being becomes pure and pristine. The true meaning of life is understood.

There are many such spiritual and metaphysical benefits of semen retention. It is the path that leads us towards Ishwar.

Ways for Semen Retention

  • Eat healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, milk, ghee, grains, rice etc.
  • Practice yoga and meditation daily. Increase physical and mental energy through pranayama.
  • Take cold water baths frequently and build resilience to cold. Toughen the body.
  • Eat food slowly and don’t overeat. Don’t aggravate the digestive fire.
  • Spend less time on TV, mobile and computer. Stay away from such things.
  • Sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.
  • Engage the mind in books, arts and creativity. Keep the mind creative.
  • Do charity and service. Keep serving others.
  • Practice silences many times and listen to the voice of your mind. Keep the mind calm.
  • Take blessing from the Guru and follow his advice. Follow the Guru’s path.
  • Always remember Dharma and Truth. Chant names of Bhole Baba and Ishwar.
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90 days Benefits of Semen Retention

Brothers, practicing 90 days of semen retention will benefit you tremendously. Both your body and mind will become stronger through it.

  • Your masculinity will increase, and you will feel more confident.
  • Your health and stamina will double. Fatigue will reduce.
  • The mind will become sharper. Every task will seem easy to you. Memory will also improve.
  • The face will glow, and you will look more attractive. Confidence level will increase.
  • You will start thinking positively and become ambitious to achieve your goals.
  • You will get rid of many diseases like impotence, nocturnal emission etc.
  • Your aura will become strong, and people will respect you and listen to you.
  • You will get good sleep at night. You will wake up fresh in the morning. Stress will reduce.
  • Both body and mind will remain relaxed. You will feel tension-free.

Apart from this, there are many benefits of maintaining celibacy for 90 days. You will gain more control over yourself and become positive and focused.

30 Days Benefits of Semen Retention

  • There are considerable benefits even in 30 days. Your energy levels increase.
  • Sleep improves. You will get good sleep at night.
  • The mind remains calm, and confidence comes.
  • The intellect becomes sharper, and you will be able to focus on things quickly.
  • Your mood will also be better. Depression will go away.
  • Your skin and face will glow. Dark circles will reduce.
  • Problems like back pain, waist pain will reduce.
  • Flexibility will come in the body, and you will feel fit.
  • It will help in stopping bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. The craving for these things will reduce.
  • Confidence will increase and people will listen to you carefully.

There are such benefits even with keeping celibacy for 30 days. This will give you motivation for the long term too.

Benefits of 40 Days Semen Retention

  • Even 40 days provides considerable benefits of giving rest and relief to both body and mind.
  • Energy levels increase to some extent. Fatigue reduces.
  • The intellect becomes calmer and memory power increases.
  • Confidence increases. There is enthusiasm in the mind.
  • Depression and anxiety reduces. The mood remains fresh.
  • Sleep at night becomes better and there is less disturbance while sleeping.
  • It helps in meditation. Some peace is obtained.
  • Some chronic pains like back pain, headache etc reduce.
  • Skin glow comes and the face looks fresher. Dark circles reduce.
  • It helps in reducing bad habits. The craving for such things reduces slightly.

Such benefits come with the 40-day program too. It gives motivation for the long term.

60 Days Benefits of Semen Retention

Visible benefits will be seen even with 60 days retention:

  • Your Ojas will increase. You will feel more vigor and passion.
  • The mind will remain calm, and the confidence level will remain high.
  • Healing will start happening right down to the cells of the body. The organs also remain healthy.
  • Immunity improves. You will be protected from cold illnesses.
  • Positivity comes. You are unable to remain negative or worried.
  • The intellect becomes sharp. Memory also improves. You are able to remain focused.
  • There is more purpose in your actions. You become disciplined.
  • Your thoughts and perspective start changing for the better.
  • Freedom is obtained from bad habits. Willpower to leave these habits increases.
  • Relief is obtained from diseases like impotence, premature ejaculation etc.

In this way, even 60 days is enough to bring positive changes. You will feel the difference in yourself and around you after this.

100 Days Benefits of Semen Retention

Brothers, even 100 days of brahmacharya can do wonders in your life.

  • Your personality will gain vitality and passion. Confidence will increase.
  • Both mind and intellect will remain calm and focused. Stress will reduce.
  • You will get good sleep. You will wake up fresh in the morning.
  • It will help in giving up bad habits like smoking, alcohol etc.
  • You will get freedom from diseases like impotence, nightfall etc.
  • Dreams at night will be restful and deep. There will be no disturbance.
  • The face will glow, and you will look more handsome.
  • Both your aura and personality will become very attractive and magnetic.
  • There will be a desire awakened in the mind to fulfill your dreams. You will gain courage.
  • Health starts improving fast. Obesity also reduces. Immunity improves.

There are many such benefits of keeping 100 days of brahmacharya. You will experience a new power awakening within yourself.

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365 Days Benefits of Semen Retention

  • Keeping celibacy for the full 1 year or 365 days will transform your life completely.
  • You will be able to live life with new excitement, vigor and energy. You will win in any situation.
  • Both body and mind become healthy and pure. No disease can even touch you.
  • You get deep, restful sleep at night. Dreams are also pleasant.
  • In the morning you feel fresh and energetic to work the whole day.
  • The intellect becomes very sharp in one year. Any problem becomes a challenge for you.
  • You get permanent freedom from many old diseases and problems.
  • The mind remains very calm and stable. Nothing can disturb you.
  • Focus becomes very sharp. Excellence comes in work.
  • You get sound sleep at night. You wake up fresh every day.
  • The mind becomes both creative and analytical. You find solutions to any problem.
  • You attain heights in meditation. Strange experiences happen.
  • A connection like that with God is established. Virtue and righteousness increases.
  • You start understanding enlightenment and the true meaning of life.

There are countless precious benefits of maintaining celibacy for 1 whole year. It can transform life completely.

1 Year Benefits of Semen Retention

Brothers, keeping celibacy for a full 1 year or 365 days will transform your life completely.

  • Your personality itself will change. You will become dynamic, confident and positive.
  • Your aura will become very powerful. People will listen to you with concentration.
  • Masculinity will increase manifold. You will feel passion and vigor.
  • Health will improve multiple times. Permanent freedom from many diseases.
  • You will get deep, restful sleep at night. Dreams will be pleasant.
  • In the morning you will feel fresh and energetic to work the whole day.
  • The intellect will become very sharp in one year. Any problem will become a challenge for you. You will find every solution.
  • You will get permanent freedom from many old diseases and problems.
  • The mind remains calm and focused. No one can distract you. Anger and anxiety disappears.
  • You will make progress in meditation. You will have unique experiences of it.
  • A connection like that with God will be established. Virtue and righteousness also increases.
  • You will start understanding the true meaning of life and enlightenment.

Harns and Benefits of Semen Retention

  • There are many benefits of retaining semen like – good health, mental clarity, disease-free life etc.
  • But practising celibacy without an expert’s guidance can also be harmful.
  • If you are not physically active and taking proper nutrition, weakness can happen. Regular exercise is must.
  • Over-suppression of sexual energy can damage both body and mind. Transmutation is necessary.
  • If fantasizing continues in the mind, it will lead to distraction and weakness. The mind must be kept pure.
  • If you are emotionally unstable, celibacy can lead to more frustration. Counseling is needed for emotional clarity.
  • For some diseases like prostate cancer, balanced release of sexual energy is necessary. Doctor’s advice should be taken.
  • If wet dreams and night emissions are too frequent, expert guidance must be taken. Suppression can cause problems.
  • Lifelong celibacy is nearly impossible for singles. Married life is required for it.

Keeping these precautions in mind, celibacy can prevent diseases and make life better. But Guru’s guidance is very important.

Conclusion on Benefits of Semen Retention


So in summary, I have talked about the many benefits of semen retention for you. Practicing planned celibacy from a few days to 1 year can improve your life in many ways.

However, it is also important that you take proper guidance from kapeefit online ayurvedic consultation doctor. If done without guidance, it can also be harmful. You need to take care of both your body and mind, and keep them strong.

The effects of brahmacharya can awaken your inner energies. But for that, this sadhana has to be practiced in the right way. Many great sages and rishis have awakened their powers by observing this vow for many years.

I hope you found this information on the benefits of semen retention useful. You too can make your life better by adopting it. Thank you.



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