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Breast Tenderness – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Breast tenderness is a common issue that afflicts women every month or during pregnancy. While it’s mostly harmless breast pain due to hormone changes, it can still be very bothersome.

In this post we’ll explore breast tenderness in detail – its causes, symptoms, treatments and some tips to get relief from the problem.

What is Breast Tenderness?

  • Breast tenderness refers to swollen, painful or sensitive breasts.
  • It can occur in one or both breasts, and may be specifically around the nipples.
  • Any touching, pressing or rubbing of the breasts causes discomfort.

Types of Breast Tenderness:

1. Cyclic Breast Tenderness

  • Occurs as part of the monthly menstrual cycle, before periods
  • Starts 1-2 weeks before PMS and subsides once periods begin

2. Non-Cyclic Breast Tenderness

  • Persists throughout the month with no set pattern
  • Can happen in perimenopause or menopause as well

3. Pregnancy Related Breast Tenderness

  • Very common in early pregnancy, mostly in the first trimester

Now let’s understand the common causes and symptoms of breast tenderness.

Causes of Breast Tenderness

Some potential causes of breast pain and tenderness include:

1. Hormonal Changes

  • Estrogen and progesterone spikes in PMS cause breast tenderness
  • Estrogen dominance in menopause also leads to breast pain
  • Pregnancy related hormonal changes are the most common cause of sore breasts

2. Birth Control

  • Hormonal contraceptives like pills or injections can also cause breast swelling and sensitivity
  • These contain progestins that stimulate breast tissue

3. Breast Conditions

  • Issues like fibrocystic breasts, mastitis can lead to painful breasts too
  • Even breast cancer treatments have breast tenderness as a side effect

4. Fertility Treatments

  • IVF and fertility drugs also make breasts tender and sensitive
  • These also contain high estrogen and progesterone

5. Other Causes

  • Nipple piercings
  • Excess caffeine or salt intake
  • Tight bras
  • Smoking
  • Breast surgeries
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Vitamin deficiencies

Now let’s talk about the common signs and symptoms:

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Symptoms of Breast Tenderness

Some typical symptoms of breast tenderness include:

  • Pain or discomfort when breasts are touched or pressed
  • Nipple sensitivity to tactile stimulation
  • Discomfort when clothing or something heavy brushes past the breasts
  • Feeling of fullness and swelling in the breasts
  • One or both breasts may be affected
  • Central region or outer lower side tends to hurt more
  • Visible lumpy areas may be seen on breasts

Symptoms specific to pregnancy:

  • Pain in one or both breasts
  • Darker, larger areolas and nipples
  • White nipple discharge
  • Visible blue veins on breasts

As you can see, breast tenderness can be very problematic. Now let’s talk about its effects.

Effects of Breast Tenderness

Breast pain can negatively impact women in many ways:

Physical Discomfort

  • Everyday tasks are hindered due to the breast sensitivity – getting dressed, hugs, etc
  • Sleep gets disturbed and resting posture also gets compromised
  • Exercise and workouts also become very difficult

Mental Stress

  • When cause is unknown, breast cancer worry stays on your mind
  • Leads to mood swings, irritability, emotional disturbances

Breastfeeding Issues

  • Tenderness makes nursing very painful and difficult
  • Babies unable to feed properly from sore breasts, causing more distress

So now you know why dealing with breast tenderness is very important. Numerous treatments are available for relief:

Treatment for Breast Tenderness

Management of breast tenderness can be broadly classified into:

1. Medications

  • Painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief
  • Changing or stopping hormonal birth control
  • HRT for menopausal symptoms
  • Antibiotics for infections like mastitis

2. Home Remedies

  • Using heating pads or ice packs help relieve discomfort
  • Avoid wearing tight bras, use soft cotton lightly padded options
  • Reduce caffeine and salt in your diet
  • Take evening primrose oil supplements
  • Vitamin E, thiamine, magnesium supplements

3. Alternative Medicine Approaches

  • Dong quai, shatavari, ashoka and other herbs
  • Breast massage to improve lymph drainage
  • Marma point therapy and acupressure
  • Yoga poses and meditation

Online ayurvedic consultation can also help in holistic healing of the condition. Now let’s see some easy lifestyle measures to prevent breast pain episodes:


Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Breast Tenderness

Some simple ways to manage tender breasts are:

1. Careful Choice of Clothes

  • Avoid tight bras, use soft cotton lightly padded options
  • Wash bras regularly and rotate between different ones
  • Be braless at home for comfort when possible

2. Follow the Humphrey Diet

  • Eliminate caffeine, salt, sugar and white flour products
  • Eat more greens, fruits, whole grains
  • Have vitamin E rich nuts and seeds

3. Balance Estrogen Through Diet

  • Reduce dairy as it is high in estrogen
  • Eat estrogen balancing foods like flaxseeds, apples, oregano, broccoli etc

4. Massage the Breasts Daily

Massage breasts lightly with oil or gram flour for 5-10 mins daily to improve circulation

5. Learn Relaxation Techniques

Anxiety and stress greatly aggravate breast pain so practice calming techniques

I hope these tips help you deal with and prevent episodes of breast tenderness. Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions on the topic:

Breast Tenderness FAQs

Do breast tenderness symptoms always indicate breast cancer?

Breast tenderness is mostly manageable on its own and not cancer. But if symptoms persist beyond 2 weeks or you notice fever, discharge or lumps get it checked urgently.

What problems can breast tenderness during breastfeeding cause?

It can make nursing very painful for the mother. Babies also get affected, unable to latch and feed well leading to fussiness. So it requires prompt treatment.

Can pregnant women take medications for breast tenderness relief?

Yes home remedies are the safest options in pregnancy. But if it’s too severe, some doctor approved medicines can be taken after the safety for fetus is ensured.

What is the right breast massage technique?

Use light circular motions while gently massaging with oil/gram flour for 5-10 minutes daily focusing more on tender areas. Apply light pressure.

Would seeking online Ayurvedic consultation be beneficial?

Absolutely! kapeefit Ayurvedic medicine provides lasting relief by targeting root imbalance. Online mode saves time and money both.

What yoga poses help with breast tenderness?

Poses like Cat-Cow stretch, Cobra pose, Bow pose, Child’s pose improve flexibility and blood flow reducing breast pain.



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