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Diseases Caused by Masturbation in Females

Masturbation, or “hasthmaithun” as it is known in Hindi, is mostly practiced by both young boys and girls before marriage. Essentially, it is done to calm sexual arousal and achieve genital pleasure. However, once the habit of masturbation sets in, it leads to various serious issues.

Different forms of masturbation leave the body debilitated, causing various problems in married life. While many men resort to masturbation, most girls turn to it for genital pleasure.

When girls engage in masturbation to calm their desires, it gives rise to many health issues. Although masturbation itself is not a wrong habit, excessive indulgence can lead to several problems and diseases.

Most girls, when practicing masturbation to soothe their sexual desires, unknowingly introduce many health issues into their bodies. While masturbation is not inherently wrong, the habitual practice of it, especially among unmarried girls, poses a risk of various health problems. For unmarried girls who develop a habit of masturbation, it becomes a threat, leading to numerous difficulties and challenges in married life.

During adolescence, both boys and girls resort to masturbation as a means to alleviate sexual tension and attain genital pleasure. However, it comes with both physical and mental health benefits and drawbacks. If a girl relies on masturbation to satisfy her sexual desires during her youth, it becomes a form of sexual behavior for her.

While it brings pleasure and sexual satisfaction, girls may not be aware of the potential health issues associated with masturbation. Let’s explore the diseases caused by masturbation through this article.

Difficulty in Establishing Relationships with Husband

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Girls who become victims of masturbation and have a habit of it before marriage may feel uneasy in establishing relationships with their husbands after marriage. This is because during this time, they are unable to enjoy intimacy with their husbands.

In reality, looseness occurs in the vagina due to masturbation, but they do not experience sexual pleasure in the past. This is why they find masturbation more satisfying, and they do not enjoy the intimacy with their husbands.

Irritability Sets In

Irritability Sets In

Girls addicted to masturbation gradually experience weakness in the body. Because if they do not get time to masturbate or, for some reason, are forced to abstain, they feel stress inside, leading to irritability.

Risk of Hymenorrhoea

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Whether it’s a boy or a girl who masturbates, they are prone to a serious illness called hymenorrhoea. This leads to the emergence of blood with urine in women. In this way, they start becoming physically weak, mental stress gradually builds up, and they remain mentally disturbed.

Fluctuation in Menstruation

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Due to masturbation in women, there is a fluctuation in menstruation, meaning irregular periods occur. Excessive masturbation by women leads to dryness in their private parts, causing problems with periods.

Reduced Arousal


The disease caused by masturbation affects women in such a way that they experience a reduction in arousal. Girls who develop a habit of masturbation during adolescence find it difficult to prepare themselves for physical relationships. This results in dissatisfaction for both partners during intimacy, causing cracks in relationships.

Stress Builds Up

Irritability Sets In

In adolescence, when girls develop a habit of masturbation, stress builds up after marriage because they do not get the opportunity to masturbate, which they enjoyed when alone. This search for a solitary place after marriage leads to the gradual development of stress inside them.

Itching, Burning, and Pain Issues

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Girls who indulge in masturbation during their adolescence experience dryness in their genital organs, leading to problems such as itching, pain, and burning during physical relationships.

Problem of Bacterial Infection


When a girl or woman indulges in the habit of masturbation, bacterial infection can occur inside them. This leads to problems like wounds, pain, and itching in the vagina.

The above points highlight the adverse effects of masturbation on girls and women. It is important to note that while it is a form of sexual pleasure, excessive indulgence can lead to various physical and mental health issues.

FAQs on Diseases Caused by Masturbation in Females

“Ji Spot kya hai?

Ji Spot is a part of the vagina that is referred to as sexual pleasure in women. It is located behind the vagina, and when stimulated, it enlarges, leading to orgasm in women.

Hasthmaithun se kya fayda hai?

Seen in the right light, masturbation generates the release of the endorphin hormone in people, which frees them from various worries. There is an improvement in the quality of sleep, and a reduction in anxiety and stress.

Masturbation kiya hasthmaithun kitni baar karna sahi hai?

Usually, people engage in masturbation once or twice a day, but if one indulges in activities like masturbation, it is advised to do it once or twice a week according to experts. However, excessive masturbation is considered wrong.



The important thing to note is that there are many diseases caused by masturbation in females, but initially, girls and women are not aware of it. However, when the habit becomes regular, they begin to understand the problems it causes.

Hasthmaithun or masturbation is a type of sexual pleasure that boys and girls engage in during their youth and adolescence. On one hand, people believe that masturbation has no negative impact.

On the other hand, the effects of masturbation are also visible. Therefore, if any girl or boy indulges in excessive masturbation, symptoms of physical weakness and mental issues start appearing.”



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