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What is Early Puberty?

Early puberty or Precocious puberty means when the signs of puberty start appearing earlier than the normal age in children. The normal age is at least 8-9 years in boys and 7-8 years in girls. But in early puberty, these signs can be seen at a younger age.

Puberty refers to the transition phase in a human body from a child to an adult. This happens due to the reproductive system which enables reproduction. During puberty, hormonal, physical and sexual changes occur in the body.

Does Early Puberty Mean Early Death?

No, there is no strong evidence yet that shows early puberty decreases life expectancy. But research is going on regarding this. Early puberty does have some side effects like short height, weight gain, depression etc. These can deteriorate the quality of life.

What Does Pre Puberty Mean?

Pre puberty refers to the initial stages when basic changes leading to puberty start happening in the body but the reproductive organs have not developed yet. These changes begin around 6-7 years of age.

What is Early Puberty in Girls?

The signs of early puberty in girls include:

  • Breast budding i.e. breast development – before 8 years
  • Appearance of pubic and underarm hair – before 9 years
  • Starting of periods – before 9 years

Does Early Puberty Mean You Will Be Short?

Yes, often due to early puberty children fail to achieve their projected height as their growth plates close prematurely before completing growth. But it depends on each child. Some children with early puberty can still attain normal height.

Why is Early Puberty Bad?

There are several side effects of early puberty:

  • Inferiority complex – children are not emotionally and socially ready for such early changes
  • Risk of depression and anxiety
  • Behavioral problems and early sexual activity increases disease or teen pregnancy risk
  • Causes short stature
  • Also increases risk of heart disease and breast cancer later in life
  • Weight gain and tendency for obesity

Thus, causes of early puberty should be determined and treatment should be taken.

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What Does Puberty Mean for a Boy?

The signs of puberty in boys include:

  • Enlargement of testicles and scrotum
  • Growth of penis size
  • Appearance of pubic hair
  • Development of facial hair
  • Deepening of voice

These signs may appear anytime between 9-14 years of age and complete in 2-5 years.

What Causes Early Puberty in Males?

The causes can include:

  • Genetic – Family history
  • Obesity
  • Brain tumor or injury
  • Low birth weight
  • Side effect of some medication

What are the 5 Stages of Puberty in Males?

The 5 common stages of puberty in boys are:

  1. First changes occur in gonads and hormones
  2. Testicles and scrotum size increase
  3. Penis growth happens in length and width
  4. Pubic hair starts growing
  5. Facial hair also develops as DHEAS rises

Does Early Puberty Cause Early Menopause?

Some evidence indicates that early puberty in girls can increase the risk of experiencing early menopause later. This is because they already have lower egg count which gets depleted sooner than the normal reproductive years.

But there is no definitive clinical proof for this yet. More research is needed.

What Causes Early Puberty in Females?

Common early puberty triggers in girls include:

  • Genetics – Family history
  • Obesity
  • Specific health conditions
  • Chemical exposure – some chemicals can disrupt hormone levels
  • Stress – Negativity and trauma may also be responsible

Is Early Puberty Hereditary?

Yes, genetics is one factor that can get transmitted in families causing early puberty. If your parents or grandparents had early puberty, you are also at risk.

Other triggers like obesity or low birth weight can also get transferred from generation to generation in the family tree.

What is Early Puberty Associated With?

Early puberty is linked to:

  • Increased chance of inferiority complex in boys/girls
  • Higher teen pregnancy risk as reproductive phase starts early
  • Behavioral issues and mood changes have been noted in research
  • Causes short stature
  • Increases risk of heart disease and breast cancer later in life

What is Kidshealth Puberty?

It is very important to monitor children’s health during puberty because the body undergoes a lot of changes. Emotional support should also be provided to help them deal with it. Information about the changes should be given. Weight management is essential during this time to prevent obesity later. Parents should take them for regular health checkups.

What Other Reasons Can Cause Early Puberty in Females?

Some other reasons can be:

  1. Low birth weight during gestation
  2. Cooking or storing food in plastic – contain bisphenol A and phthalates which can cause hormonal changes
  3. High consumption of dairy products containing hormones
  4. Giving drugs to children to halt excessive growth

Is Early Puberty Normal?

Early puberty is not considered normal. It is called precocious puberty. It is regarded abnormal if breast budding is seen in a girl before 8 years or periods starting before 9 years. High testosterone before 9 years in boys.

So medical attention should be sought.

Is Early Puberty Dangerous?

Yes, early puberty poses several health risks:

  • Can cause inferiority complex as children are not ready emotionally for such major changes
  • Risky behaviors like unsafe sex, alcohol etc may start at such a young age
  • Increases risk of heart disease and cancer later in life
  • Can impact height and prevent growing properly

Plus dealing with the mental and emotional trauma is difficult. So treatment is necessary to avoid complications.

Is Early Puberty Genetic?

Yes, genetics is one influencing factor in early puberty. Defects in multiple genes can trigger onset of early puberty.

Especially if parents have history, the child is also at risk. Girls may inherit it from female family members. So family history matters a lot.

What is Very Early Puberty?

Very early puberty refers to breast budding and such changes appearing even before 6 years of age. Pubic and underarm hair growth also very early. Period spotting may also happen.

Boys may also show testosterone spikes, genital growth before 6 years. So proper diagnosis and precautions are needed.

Early Puberty in Infants?

Infancy refers to the 0-1 year age group. Puberty signs are extremely rare before a few months of age. But some rare babies have shown breast enlargement, pubic hair etc from a few months old.

So development monitoring is necessary for baby girl and boy to watch for abnormal signs. Medical advice should be taken.

Can Early Puberty Happen at 4 Years Age?

Yes in some cases, early development can occur even at 4 years of age. Like breast tissue swelling, slight period spotting, pubic and underarm hair growth have been observed in some studies.

Can Early Puberty Occur at 5 Year Age?

Though very rare, changes like breast growth have been noted at 5 years of age as well. Underarm hair growth too. Sometimes, penis and testicle growth starts very early in boys.

Growth plates may also start fusing early in some children by this age. Seeking medical help is advisable.

What are the 5 Stages of Puberty in Girls?

Girls also have 5 main stages:

  1. Pituitary gland gets activated to release hormones
  2. Breast tissue starts developing
  3. Uterus and vagina development begins
  4. Periods start happening
  5. Pubic and underarm hair occurs

Early Puberty at 6 Years Age?

Changes may occur before 6 years but are very rare. Like slight breast swelling in girls, negligible penis growth in boys.

But if any such signs are seen, contacting a doctor as a precaution is advisable. An underlying cause may need evaluation.

What are Signs of Early Puberty at 7 Year Age?

  • Breast tissue swelling in girls
  • Pubic hair growth in underarms in both
  • Penis or testicle growth
  • Some spotting of periods

If such changes persist regularly before 7 years, medical advice should be taken.

What are the 7 Stages of Puberty?

The 7 common puberty stages are:

  1. Hormones get activated including estrogen and testosterone
  2. Girls develop breast buds, boys have testicular enlargement
  3. Hair growth begins in private areas like underarms and pubic region
  4. Penis growth occurs and vagina also matures. Wet dreams start too.
  5. Periods begin in girls. Sperm production also starts in boys.
  6. Growth spurts occur increasing height.
  7. Body fat distribution and shape keeps changing into youth.

Early Puberty at 8 Year Age?

Yes in some cases, puberty may begin as early as 8 years in both boys and girls. Breast growth may be seen in girls. Underarm and pubic hair in both genders. Slight penis growth in boys. Mood swings also occur.

If such changes occur by this age, consulting a doctor is recommended to evaluate causes.

What are Signs of Early Puberty at 8 Year Age?

  • Breast tissue development starting in girls
  • Pubic hair occurring in underarms and private areas in both genders
  • Slight penis growth visible
  • Some emotional changes like mood swings may be noted

If such signs are present at this young age, discussing with a doctor is advisable. Underlying triggers need to be ruled out.

Puberty at 9 Year Age?

9 years is still the normal age range for onset of puberty. If changes occur before this age, it will be considered early puberty. Breast tissue development, underarm/pubic hair, penis and testicular growth in boys is still normal till about 9 years.

If no signs seen after 9 years, consulting a doctor about possibility of delayed puberty is recommended.

What are Puberty Signs in 9 Year Boys?

  • Change in testicle and scrotum sac size
  • Growth in penis size, both width and length
  • Pubic hair visible in private area
  • Underarm hair growth too
  • Pimples and mood swings are common too

Is Early Puberty Inherited?

Yes, family history can be a common causative factor for early puberty. Multiple genes can influence its onset. Environmental factors may also get transmitted from parents to child. So analyzing genetic risks is crucial to take precautions in subsequent generations too.

Is Early Puberty Treatable?

Yes early puberty can be halted or delayed to some extent with medications and treatment. GnRH analogues can resolve this condition significantly. Treatment with these medicines can also help salvage height loss. Behavioral and psychological therapy can be given for mental effects.

How is Early Puberty Diagnosed?

Certain common tests and scans are done to diagnose it such as:

  • Physical exam to look for signs like genital maturity
  • X-ray for bone age and growth assessment
  • Blood tests of hormone levels like testosterone and estrogen
  • Sometimes pelvic ultrasound to rule out pregnancy

Further tests may be done to determine underlying triggers.

How to Prevent Early Puberty?

  • Maintain healthy diet and lifestyle with adequate physical activity
  • Provide emotional support to child to cope with changes
  • Avoid exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals
  • Go for regular health screening exams

Precautions to Take if Early Puberty Signs Seen!

If you notice breast buds, periods, pubic/facial hair etc developing before 8-9 years of age in your son/daughter:

  1. Providing emotional support is crucial in this challenging phase
  2. Keep observing signs and track progression
  3. Take pediatrician appointment urgently for evaluation
  4. Diagnostic testing should be done to determine underlying causes
  5. If diagnosed with precocious puberty, treatment should be started

Benefits of Consulting Ayurvedic Doctors at Kapeefit for Early Puberty?


On Kapeefit, you can also chat and call certified ayurvedic practitioners for guidance on early puberty. Customized diet, lifestyle and product recommendations can help alleviate its symptoms naturally.

So this covers various key aspects about early puberty in both boys and girls. Please advise if you need any clarification or have additional queries. I can add more details to any section on request. Kindly review and let me know if you are satisfied with this English version of the article.



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