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Which Food Has The Highest Amount Of Protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient required by our body. It helps build muscles and bones while also aiding several body functions. Additionally, protein helps curb hunger and improve metabolism.

But the question is – which food has the highest amount of protein? Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, which items can provide you with adequate protein? Let’s find out the best sources of this nutrient.

Which Vegetarian Food Has The Highest Protein?

For vegetarians, here are some of the best protein sources:

Veg mein Sabse Jyada Protein Kisme Hota Hai
  • Soybean Chunks and Paneer – Both contain exceptionally high amounts of protein. 100g of soy chunks can have as much as 52g protein. Paneer also provides 25g protein per 100g.
  • Lentils – Lentils like chickpeas, kidney beans, peas contain 20-25g of protein per 100g.
  • Dairy Products – Milk, curd, cheese supply 15-20g protein per 100g. Cottage cheese and other varieties are excellent sources.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, etc. have good amounts of protein. Can add them to smoothies, salads, etc.

Other items like chickpeas, soy products, kidney beans also provide decent protein. Adding them regularly ensures adequate protein intake.

Food Item (100g)Protein (g)
Textured Soy Protein52
Red Kidney Beans24
Mixed Nuts and Seeds31

Which Non Vegetarian Food Has Most Protein?

For non-vegetarians, non-veg food items make excellent protein sources. These are the best:

non Veg mein Sabse Jyada Protein Kisme Hota Hai
Ref: Aajtak
  • Eggs – One large egg already contains 6g of protein. They provide high-quality balanced amino acids.
  • Chicken and Meat – Both these contain around 25g protein per 100g. Excellent bioavailable protein sources.
  • Fish – Fatty fish like salmon, tuna provide 23g protein per 100g serving. Also give essential omega 3s.
  • Seafood – Prawns, crab, lobster supply 15-20g per 100g protein.
Food Item (100g)Protein (g)
Chicken Breast31
Whole Egg13

Which Fruit Has The Most Protein?

Generally, fruits contain low amounts of protein as they are abundant in carbs and fiber instead. But some stand out by providing more protein than others:

Virya Badhane Wale Dry Fruits
  • Dried Figs – 100g of dried figs contain about 3g protein. Also rich in antioxidants and fiber.
  • Melon Family – Fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon have 1g protein per 100g. Can add to protein shakes.
  • Sapota/Chikoo – These supply 2g protein per 100g serving. Great source of potassium and folate too.

Other fruits like strawberries, guava, apples do contain traces of protein. Can be eaten daily as snacks or in fruit chaat.

Which Food Has The Highest Protein in The World?

Now let’s look at the top 5 protein-rich food items globally, including both veg and non-veg:

Duniya Mein Sabse Jyada Protein Kisme Hota Hai
Ref: Quora
Food ItemProtein
Per 100g
Chicken Breast (Grilled)31g
Turkey Breast (Lean)29g
Tuna Fish25g
Soybeans (Whole)36g

The data clearly shows that non-veg foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, tuna provide the highest amount of protein globally. These contain quality bioavailable protein that can be easily used by our body.

But vegetarian sources like soy, legumes, dairy also have decent protein content. Choosing them wisely can fulfill one’s daily needs.

Which Vegetable Has The Most Protein?

Vegetables contain limited amounts of protein typically. But these contain the highest:

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  • Spinach and Greens – Palak, methi, mustard leaves provide 3-4g per 100g. Combining with paneer/cheese increases total protein.
  • Beans – Beans like rajma and white beans supply 6-7g per 100g. Excellent plant-based protein.
  • Brinjal – Brinjals surprisingly contain about 2g protein per 100g. Can be eaten with rice or as bharta.
  • Potatoes – Aloo contain 2g protein per 100g too. Can make potato curry, cutlets, etc.
Per 100g
Palak Saag3g
French Beans2g
Cauliflower & Peas4g
Baingan Bharta1g

Other veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, bitter gourd also provide traces of protein.

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Which Indian Food Has Most Protein?

Now let’s see protein content of common protein-rich Indian recipes:

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ref: Amarujala
  • Chana Daal – This delicious daal has 18-22g per 100g – excellent veg protein!
  • Rajma Chawal – Red kidney beans provide 20g protein, balanced with rice carbs.
  • Egg Curry/Bhurji – Both these egg dishes provide 13g per 100g protein. Goes well with rice/roti.
  • Baingan Bharta – This popular brinjal dish gives 4g protein per 100g. One of the best veg protein dinners!
Indian FoodProtein
Per 100g
Chana Daal22g
Kidney Beans & Rice20g
Egg Curry13g
Mixed VegSabji4-5g

Other favorites like dal makhani, paneer curries, chicken dishes also provide good quality protein.

Frequently Asked Questions (Veg Protein)

Can vegetarians get enough protein in their diets?

Yes, with smart selection of foods like soybean, paneer, lentils, vegetarians can fulfil their protein needs easily.

Which nuts have the highest amount of protein?

Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios are some protein-packed nuts. They make excellent snacks in a protein-rich diet.

How much protein should one eat daily?

Vegetarians need 0.8-1g protein per kg body weight per day via their diets for muscle health and metabolism.

How to add protein using besan?

Make besan chillas, laddoos, etc. Also add 2 tsp to smoothies or shakes daily for extra protein. This helps build muscle strength.


Top Protein Tips (Both Veg & Non-Veg)

  • Include eggs, chicken, fish almost daily for best quality protein intake
  • Have paneer/lentil curries, stuffed veggies at every meal
  • Try overnight oats with nuts, seeds, yogurt for protein
  • Munch on protein-packed snacks like roasted chana, peanuts, makhana
  • Have whey protein shakes or smoothies post-workout or as snacks
  • Aim for 1 whole egg daily via omlette, bhurji or egg curry
  • Mix nuts/roasted chickpeas in salads and daals to boost protein
  • Make tofu stir fries, chunky soya veggie curries for extra veg protein
  • Add dried fruits like dates, figs to fruit bowls and chaats

Sample High Protein Weekly Diet Plan (Veg & Non-Veg)

DayBreakfastLunchEvening SnackDinner
MondayProtein ShakeEgg Curry + ChapatiSprouts ChaatChole Kulcha
TuesdayPeanut ChikkiRajma RiceBanana Protein SmoothieDal Makhani + Naan
WednesdayVeg SandwichGrilled Chicken + SaladChana ChaatPalak Paneer + Jeera Rice
ThursdayOats with Nuts & SeedsFish Curry + RiceRoasted ChanaSoya Chunks Curry
FridayEgg OmeletteChicken BiryaniPeanut Butter SmoothieMalai Kofta + Lachha Paratha
SaturdayUpmaAloo Gobi + ChapatiBanana Date SmoothieChole
SundayPohaPaneer Butter MasalaMixed NutsVeg Pulav

This sample diet plan gives a mix of protein-rich vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes through the week. It ensures adequate daily protein intake for supporting muscle gain and metabolism.

So in summary, non-vegetarian foods like chicken, eggs, fish tend to have the highest amount of protein globally. For vegetarians, incorporating soy products, nuts, seeds, lentils and dairy can fulfil their protein needs adequately on a daily basis.



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