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Foods to Recover from Masturbation for Females

Masturbation is common but excessive masturbation can cause issues like mood swings, weakness, fatigue etc. Eating the right foods is important to help the body recover. Here we will learn about some such Foods to Recover from Masturbation for Females: –


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  • Eggs contain protein and nutrients that provide energy. You can eat boiled eggs or omelettes.
  • Eggs also have vitamin D which improves mood.
  • Eating 1-2 eggs daily can increase stamina.

Whole Grains

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  • Oats, millets and chickpeas have carbs, fiber and protein which give energy.
  • Fiber keeps the stomach clean and keeps you feeling full.
  • Make oats porridge or upma to eat.

Fruits and Vegetables

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  • Fruits like tomato, carrot and apple are rich in iron and vitamins.
  • They boost immunity and refresh the body.
  • Eat 1-2 fruits daily. Also increase vegetable intake.


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  • Yogurt contains calcium and probiotics which improve bone and gut health.
  • It helps reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Eat a bowl of yogurt daily. Can also add to smoothies.


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  • Soybeans are a protein and nutrient source that provides energy.
  • They also produce estrogen which balances hormones.
  • Make spicy soybean curry or soup.

Dry Fruits

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  • Almonds, pistachios and cashews contain magnesium.
  • They strengthen the nervous system and promote sleep.
  • Eat a handful or add to dishes.

Green Tea

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  • Green tea has antioxidants that reduce inflammation and stress.
  • It boosts energy and improves metabolism.
  • Drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily without sugar.

Chicken and Meat

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  • Chicken and meat provide protein, iron and zinc for immunity.
  • They aid muscle growth and repair.
  • Eat non-veg 2-3 times a week.

Edible Gum

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  • Gum contains iron which improves blood circulation and oxygen flow.
  • It reduces chest pain, sleep issues and fatigue.
  • Make small ladoos of gum to eat daily.

Sesame and Walnuts

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  • These contain omega fatty acids which are good for the brain.
  • They enhance memory and uplift mood.
  • Also help increase energy levels.

FAQs on Foods to Recover from Masturbation for Females

What to eat after masturbating?

Eat proteins like eggs, yogurt or paneer after masturbation. Whole grains, fruits and nuts are also good.

How many times should one eat in a day?

Have 3-5 balanced meals spread through the day. Can also have healthy snacks. Don’t stay hungry.

Should you eat any specific food while masturbating?

No need to eat special foods before masturbation. Eat normal healthy foods.

Does drinking coffee boost energy for masturbation?

Coffee doesn’t help much for energy. It only provides a temporary high. Real energy comes from fruits, veggies and grains.

Should you eat sour foods after masturbating?

Avoid sour or spicy foods after masturbating as it can affect the stomach and private parts.

Can you eat aphrodisiac foods for masturbation?

There are no proven aphrodisiac foods. A balanced diet is enough. Foods like banana and sapodilla are considered aphrodisiac but there is no scientific correlation.

Do snacks boost energy for masturbation?

Snacks can cause a temporary sugar rush but lead to weight gain. For stamina, proteins, vitamins and minerals from fruits, veggies and grains are key.

Does masturbation burn more nutrients and calories?

No, masturbation does not burn huge amount of calories or nutrients. So no need to alter your diet. Just stay healthy.

Is drinking extra water after masturbation beneficial?

Yes, stay hydrated by drinking more water after masturbation as fluids are lost from your body.

Can yoga and exercise reduce masturbation side effects?

Yes, yoga and cardio can improve mood, immunity and stamina which helps minimize masturbation side effects. Take them seriously.

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