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Harmful Effects of Masturbation for Females

Masturbation or self-stimulation has become a common habit nowadays. But it can cause several damaging effects for women that how Harmful Effects of Masturbation for Females we will try to understand in this blog.

What is Masturbation?

  • Masturbation means self-stimulating your genitals using your hands to obtain sexual pleasure.
  • It is a normal act that many people engage in but doing it too often can lead to health issues.

Negative Impacts of Masturbation for Females

  • Infections and irritation – Unclean hands during masturbation can cause infections and irritation in the private parts.
  • Mood swings – The chemical changes in the brain after masturbation can negatively impact mood leading to depression and anxiety.
  • Vaginal laxity – Excessive masturbation can cause the vagina to become loose which causes issues during intercourse.
  • Menstrual problems – Masturbation can lead to irregular or delayed periods.
  • Increased discharge – There may be increased vaginal discharge after masturbation which could indicate infection.
  • Infertility – Research shows women who masturbate frequently have higher chances of infertility.
  • Guilt and shame – Many women associate masturbation with feelings of guilt and shame which affects mental health.

Foods to Recover from Masturbation for Females

How to Reduce Masturbation?

  • Keep your hands busy with productive activities like painting, music etc. This will distract the mind.
  • Exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take a cold shower when urge arises.
  • Speak to a friend or therapist if you have strong cravings.
  • Practice yoga and meditation. Breathing exercises also help.

Tips for Staying Healthy

  • Exercise daily – Releases energy and keeps the body fit.
  • Practice yoga – Calms the mind and body.
  • Eat healthy – Fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods. Avoid junk food.
  • Wear comfortable clothes – Avoid tight fitting or uncomfortable clothes.
  • Consult a doctor – If you have any infections or concerns, get a checkup.

FAQs on Harmful Effects of Masturbation for Females

Should females masturbate or not?

Females can masturbate in moderation for normal pleasure but avoid excess. Hands should be clean and don’t feel guilty. But if facing mental or physical issues, speak to a doctor.

How often can one masturbate?

There is no fixed limit. But if doing it daily or too frequently and it affects your life, reduce it. For health, maintain a balance.

How to prevent children from masturbating?

Lovingly explain it is their private matter but not to overdo it. Distract them with sports or hobbies. If a child has an addiction, seek help from a doctor and therapist.

Does masturbation impact sex life?

Yes, too much masturbation reduces vaginal sensitivity making real sex difficult. So maintain a balance.

What are the side effects of masturbation?

Side effects include mood swings, depression, guilt, vaginal discharge, menstrual issues, fatigue, wrist pain, irritation and infections. So hygiene is key.

How to avoid nightfall (wet dreams)?

Healthy diet, exercise, yoga and meditation can prevent nightfall. Wearing tight underwear also helps. If very frequent, consult a doctor.

When should one avoid masturbating?

Avoid during periods, pregnancy, recent surgery, or if you have an infection/STD. Maintaining hygiene is also important.

Is masturbation harmful for males too?

Yes, excessive masturbation can reduce stamina and immunity for males too. Can cause fatigue and affect real sex life so balance is key.

What infections can occur from masturbation?

Unclean hands can lead to UTIs, vaginal infections, hepatitis and STDs like HIV. Personal hygiene is very important.

Can cancer occur from masturbation?

No, there is no direct link between masturbation and cancer. But excessive masturbation weakens immunity which can increase disease risk overall. Moderation is advised.



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