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How is Semen Produced?

Today we will learn how semen or retas is produced in our body. This is a very strange and complex process that everyone should know about. Let’s understand the details of semen production.

Semen Pronunciation

  • Semen is pronounced as:


  • The ‘s’ sounds like ‘s’ in sun.
  • The ‘ee’ sounds like ‘ee’ in feet.
  • The ‘men’ sounds like ‘men’ in women.
  • Emphasis is on the first syllable ‘SEE’.
  • The whole word sounds like “SEE-men”.
  • Practice it a couple of times out loud to get the right pronunciation.
  • This is the accurate way to pronounce this word related to the male reproductive fluid.

When Does Semen Production Start

  • Semen production starts in boys when they hit puberty.
  • Semen is not produced in young children. It starts only after age 10-13 years.
  • As puberty begins, many hormonal changes occur including increase in testosterone levels.
  • Testosterone is the male hormone that starts developing the genitals and gonads.
  • This causes growth of pubic hair on genitals and also production of semen.
  • In boys semen production usually begins around 11-12 years. For some it may be slightly early or late.
  • But it starts with the onset of puberty in any case.

How Much Time Does It Take to Produce Semen

Many people think semen is produced instantly. But actually, it takes quite some time.

  • The process of making semen takes around 70 days.
  • First stem cells become sperms, called spermatogonia. This takes 37 days.
  • Then spermatocytes form taking another 16 days.
  • Formation of spermatids takes 17 more days.
  • Finally mature sperms are ready in 4 more days.
  • So, this 70-day cycle is for producing adequate semen volume.
  • If you are fit and healthy, around 2-3 million sperms are produced daily inside you.
  • This is an ongoing process, so supply is there whenever needed. If less, new ones are made.

Role of Semen

Semen plays a very important role in our creation and life:

  • Semen gives birth to the next generation. It contains the fertile sperm.
  • Apart from that semen does many other functions for us like providing ojas, mental peace, good health etc.
  • Semen is our seed. Without it children cannot be born. So it is a subject of great importance.
  • Making healthy semen is important for our own health too. It should be released monthly for maintenance.
  • Better semen means better mental health. Less semen causes weakness and fatigue.
  • Without good semen our virility also reduces. So, it needs attention.
  • All men must be aware about their semen and nurture it properly.

Normal Sperm Quantity

What is considered a normal sperm quantity in semen? According to various health organizations the normal range is:

  • World Health Organization – 15 million sperms per milliliter
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine – 15 million sperms
  • European Association of Urology – 15 million sperms per ml
  • British Fertility Society – More than 13 million per ml
  • So, 15-20 million sperms per ml is considered the normal range. If your reports show this, you are fertile and have good sperm quality.
  • Low sperm count condition is called Oligozoospermia. In it concentration is less than 5 million. It increases the chances of male infertility. But it can also be treated.

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Is One Drop of Semen Equal to 100 Drops of Blood?

Brothers, some people have this misconception that one drop of semen equals 100 drops of blood. But doctors say this is not true. No such principle or fact exists.

  • Yes, both semen and blood contain nutrients, but their quantities are different.
  • One drop of blood contains 5 million red blood cells (RBCs).
  • Whereas average semen contains over 100 million sperm cells in one drop.
  • So the number of sperm cells is many times more than blood cells.
  • However, blood is also very important. It is essential for overall living.
  • Semen only plays role in reproduction. So, they have different significance.
  • Both are precious but no 100:1 ratio exists. This is a myth that people believe in.

How is a Man Semen Produced

A man’s semen is produced like this:

  • First sperm cells are produced in the testes called spermatogonia.
  • They keep dividing due to testosterone hormone and become sperms.
  • These sperms are then stored in the epididymis. Here they mature.
  • When aroused, these sperms travel from vas deferens.
  • Passing through the penis and prostate gland they become semen.
  • Now this is called virya, shukra or retas.
  • During intercourse this same retas is ejaculated which gives birth to babies.
  • So, semen doesn’t form instantly. It travels from testes to penis.
  • In this journey the sperm cells transform into potent semen which creates new life.

How Thick Semen is Produced

Semen becomes thick and potent like this:

  • First hormones like testosterone are produced in your body.
  • Due to these hormones’ sperm cells start forming in the testes.
  • These cells travel from testes through the vas deferens route.
  • In between some more fluid sticks to these cells from prostate and seminal glands.
  • This nutrient and fructose fluid nourishes and activates the sperm cells.
  • Now these sperm cells turn into functional sperms that can move.
  • Getting this coating gives them more potency and turns them into seeds.
  • Now they are called virya, shukra etc as they have become thick and strong.
  • This is the potent semen that helps in conception when it enters the female yoni.
  • This is how the thick semen is produced inside our bodies.

How is a Baby Produced from Semen?

  • A baby is produced from semen like this:
  • During intercourse, the man’s semen containing millions of fertile sperm cells enters the woman’s yoni.
  • Here one sperm cell meets an egg and fertilizes it. This process is called fertilization.
  • Now this fertilized ovum travels and attaches to the uterus wall.
  • Here it turns into an embryo and then a fetus.
  • The placenta also forms here which nourishes the baby.
  • For 9 months the baby develops like this and then gives birth.
  • So, the functional semen of the man containing millions of sperm is needed to make a baby.
  • True love and potent semen together can create new life in this world.

How to Produce More Semen

To produce more semen, you should:

  • Eat healthy foods like ghee, milk, meat, walnuts, vegetables. These are good for semen.
  • Take ayurvedic churnas like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli.
  • 7-8 hours of sleep daily is a must.
  • Exercise and yoga daily. It helps semen production.
  • Cold water baths are better. Keep body cool.
  • Reduce stress and relax. Tension reduces ojas.
  • Don’t watch too much TV or mobile. It can also be harmful.
  • Eat fresh and organic things. Avoid plastic packed fast food.
  • Take advice of an Ayurvedic doctor and follow their treatment for best results.

Benefits and Myths of Masturbation

How is Maximum Semen Produced?

Maximum semen is produced like this:

  • Men should have as much testosterone as estrogen in women. This increases semen volume.
  • Practice semen retention. Control and prevent release of semen. This builds up arousal.
  • Take Ayurvedic semen enhancers like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli.
  • Keep stomach light throughout the day. Eat only light snacks.
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin E, C and zinc.
  • Eat semen promoting foods like soybean, gokhru, bananas.
  • Don’t watch anything sexy on mobiles or laptops. It contains vulgarity.
  • Sleep comfortably at night in loose clothes. Wake up and do yoga in the morning.
  • Keep groin area clean shaved, clean teeth, and clean body.

Following these properly will maximize semen production inside you.

FAQs on How is Semen Produced

How many types of semen are there?

There are 2 types of semen:
A) Viscous/Thick White Semen
B) Watery Transparent Semen.
White aids conception. Watery is just for release.

How many days to regenerate semen normally?

In a normal 18-25 years old man, semen regenerates in 4-5 days. But for a successful life, one should only masturbate 2-4 times a month.

How many sperms are there in semen?

Usually, semen contains anything from 15 million to 100 million sperms in 1 ml. Higher or lower is problematic.

Does semen contain calcium?

Yes, semen contains calcium along with other minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc. Presence of these minerals makes semen healthy and potent. Calcium especially strengthens bones and muscles. So adequate calcium levels are crucial for reproductive health. Deficiency can reduce semen volume.

How many days does it take to produce semen?

It takes around 4-5 days to produce semen again after one ejaculation. Accordingly, the male body keeps producing semen daily.

Can daily release of semen cause weakness?

Yes, masturbating daily can cause weakness in the body since semen is your strength. So daily release is unhealthy. Should masturbate once in 2 days for health.

How much protein is in semen?

Each ml of semen contains about 5.8 mg of protein. It comes along with minerals like calcium and zinc which make the semen healthy. So both quality and quantity of protein are important in semen.

Can masturbation finish semen completely?

No, masturbation only releases whatever is ready, it doesn’t finish the stored semen. If you are fit, the body keeps producing adequate semen daily despite masturbating.

Can cold water weaken semen?

No, cold water like ice baths is good for semen. Hot water can weaken the sperms. Cold water produces healthy semen.

What to do if semen volume is less?

If semen volume is less, consult doctor, eat semen enhancing foods, take ashwagandha, eat soybean, exercise. These will improve semen quality.



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