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Save Money and Get the Best Care with kapeefit Membership Plans

Everyone wants to live a Healthy Lifestyle. With our hectic lifestyles and increasing stress, it is more important than ever to look after our health and well-being. One of the best ways to handle your health difficulties without leaving your house is through Online Ayurveda consulting.

Kapeefit, a leading online Ayurvedic consultation platform, offers variety of Health Membership Programs that will help you save money while also providing the greatest healthcare services. Lets look at Kapeefit’s membership plans: the Flyer Plan, the Starter Plan, and the Family Plan.

Flyer Plan (Rs.199)

kapeefit Flyer membership plan

The Flyer Plan is intended for people who want to easily access their medical records and track their progress. You can take advantage of the following benefits for just Rs. 199 per month. Flyer Plan Features:-

Health Record Access: You can easily access your health records anytime, anywhere. Keep track of your medical history, medications, and treatments.

Basic Reporting: Get a comprehensive overview of your health status with basic reporting, helping you identify areas of improvement.

Share/Download Reports: You can share or download your health reports in the form of a PDF for easy access and sharing with healthcare providers or family members.

Unlimited Access to EHR (Electronic Health Record): Enjoy unlimited access to your EHR, which ensures your health information is always up-to-date and accurate.

Starter Plan (Rs.299)

Kapeefit Started membership plan

The Basic Plan is ideal if you require a bit more assistance in managing your health. For just Rs.299 a month, you can enjoy all of the Flyer Plan’s benefits, plus:

Two Free Consultations: Speak with Kapeefit’s expert Ayurvedic practitioners for personalized advice and treatment plans. Address your health concerns and get professional guidance to help you achieve optimal wellness.

10% Discount on All Lab Test Bookings & Extra Consultations: Save money on lab tests and additional consultations with a 10% discount, making it more affordable to manage your health.

Family Plan (Rs.799)

kapeefit family membership plan

The Family Plan is ideal for people who want to look after the health of their entire family. For just Rs.799 per month, you may have all of the benefits of the Basic Plan, plus:

Number of Consultations Provided: Receive 7 consultations per month, suitable for one primary member and three additional family members. This ensures that everyone in the family gets the necessary attention and care they need.

One Plan for the Whole Family: Consolidate your family’s health records and consultations under one plan, making it easier to manage and monitor everyone’s well-being.

Why Choose Kapeefit Membership Plans?

Budget-Friendly Healthcare: Kapeefit’s membership plans provide cost-effective healthcare solutions, ensuring everyone can access high-quality Ayurvedic care without breaking the bank.

Convenience: You can use Kapeefit’s services from the comfort of your own home with online consultations. There is no need to travel to clinics or stand in huge lines.

Experienced Ayurveda Practitioners: Kapeefit’s team of skilled Ayurvedic practitioners is dedicated to delivering individualized care and attention to assist you in reaching your health goals.

Integrative Approach: Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to treating ailments rather than merely treating the symptoms. Our all-encompassing approach assures long-term outcomes and enhanced general well-being.

Record Keeping Made Simple: With Kapeefit Electronic Health Records System (EHR) and reporting, you can quickly track your progress and share your health information with your healthcare providers or family members.

Online Ayurvedic Consultation

How Can Kapeefit’s Membership Plans Help You Achieve Optimal Health?

Kapeefit’s membership options include a variety of services tailored to meet a variety of needs and budgets. You can easily enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda healthcare by selecting the plan that best meets your needs.

These plans save you money and give you simple access to professional consultations, lab test discounts, and user-friendly health records. You may be confident that you and your family receive high-quality, tailored care from Kapeefit’s skilled practitioners.

Furthermore, Kapeefit’s platform aids in integrating traditional Ayurveda wisdom and modern technologies. You can incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your everyday routine by utilizing the convenience of online consultations, resulting in a better, more balanced existence.

To summarize, Kapeefit’s membership plans – Flyer Plan, Starter Plan, and Family Plan – are intended to deliver the greatest Ayurvedic care at the most reasonable prices. You can enjoy various services tailored to your needs by selecting the best plan for you and your family.

With Kapeefit’s revolutionary membership options, you may enjoy the advantages of Ayurveda, attain optimal health, and save money. Join Now to start your path to a better, happier life.



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