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Questions To Ask a Sex Doctor – Know Everything

Whenever you visit a sex doctor or sexologist with your problems, there are many pertinent questions that can slip our mind. So here is a handy list of questions that you should ask a sex doctor.

What is a Sex Doctor?

  • Sex doctors or sexologists are specialist doctors who treat sexual health problems and diseases.
  • Apart from male sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, they also treat female sexual problems.
  • They provide advice and treatment for conditions like infertility as well.
  • You can consult them for any kind of sexual or intimacy issues.

Questions To Ask a Sex Doctor


Issues During Sex

  • I experience pain during sex. What should I do?
  • I don’t feel like having sex. How can this be fixed?
  • I feel very tired after sex. Is this normal?
  • I don’t get the mood for sex. Are there any medications?

Libido and Arousal

  • My girlfriend has very low sex drive. Any tips to help improve it?
  • I get aroused but it fizzles out very fast. How do I control this?
  • I don’t feel like having sex at all. Is any treatment available?

Erectile Dysfunction

  • My erections don’t last long. How can I improve this?
  • I lose erection during intercourse itself. Please suggest something.
  • I have trouble getting hard erections. What should be done?

Premature Ejaculation

  • I have premature ejaculation issues. Please suggest some permanent treatment.
  • I ejaculate even before intercourse. What can stop this?
  • I am unable to control ejaculation. Please recommend a solution.

Pain and Infections

  • I experience pain in the penis after sex. What should I do for this?
  • There is swelling and pain in my testicles. What is the treatment?
  • Does penis infection impact sex? What are the symptoms?

There can be many more sexual questions you may have for the doctor.

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Answering Doctor’s Questions

Your doctor will also ask you a few questions for investigation:

  • Since how long have you had this problem?
  • What kind of difficulty are you experiencing?
  • What is your past medical history?
  • Are you on any medications?
  • How is your diet? Do you exercise?
  • Any substance abuse?
  • Any underlying mental health conditions?
  • Have you gotten any tests done for this?

Expect such general questions and answer honestly so they can make the right diagnosis.

What Tests Might A Sex Doctor Conduct?

Your doctor may recommend certain tests or scans to investigate your sexual problems:

Blood Tests

  • Complete blood count
  • Hormone tests like testosterone, estrogen
  • Diabetes test
  • Thyroid test
  • Cholesterol test

Semen Analysis

  • Checks sperm count, sperm motility etc


  • Ultrasound of the penis
  • Ultrasound of the testicles

Urine Tests

  • To check for kidney infections or UTIs


  • Tissue samples may be taken for examination

There might be some more specialized tests that the doctor will guide you about based on the investigations required.

What Medications Can A Doctor Provide For Erectile Dysfunction?

Some ED treatment options that doctors can prescribe:

Oral Medications

  • Pills like Viagra, Cialis given
  • Help improve blood flow to the penis
  • Take 1 hour before intercourse


  • Injections like Trimix administered into penis
  • Also improve blood flow

Vacuum Devices

  • Vacuum pump cylinders to direct blood flow

Testosterone Replacement

  • If ED is due to low testosterone, pills or injections can help boost it


  • Penile implants an option for severe cases

There are many ways to treat ED – your doctor will recommend the most suitable treatment for you.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Sexual Problems

Ayurvedic remedies are also there to treat various sex issues:

  • Herbal supplements like Ashwagandha, Shilajit for boosting stamina
  • Medicines like Kaali musli, gokhru also beneficial
  • Churnas like Triphala, jaiphal improve strength
  • Yoga, diet, sleep – all are important
  • Massage oils like saffron, nutmeg, cloves provide calmness and vigour
  • Can use special products from companies like Patanjali

Instead of just medicines, ayurveda provides holistic treatment for overall benefit.

How To Visit A Sexologist Doctor? What Are The Fees?

  • Search online to find a doctor in your area
  • Family doctor can also refer a good sexologist
  • Fees can range from Rs. 300 to 1500 per visit depending on doctor’s experience and clinic
  • Online consultation options now available – get treated from home at lower costs
  • Government hospitals also have clinics for sexual health issues where fees are nominal

So don’t hesitate to consult a qualified sexologist for any problem. They will maintain your privacy and provide the right treatment.


10 Important Questions To Ask a Sexologist

  1. What do my symptoms indicate? What is the exact problem?
  2. What are the causes and risk factors for this?
  3. How long will this persist? What is the permanent cure?
  4. Do I need to get any diagnostic tests done?
  5. What medications or treatment will you be prescribing?
  6. How much time will the treatment take? What are the side effects?
  7. Are any dietary changes or lifestyle modifications required?
  8. How should I follow-up? How often to come for review?
  9. Will this be confidential? Is informing family needed?
  10. Should I consult another doctor? Get a second opinion?

10 FAQs on Sexual Problems and Answers

What to do for low sperm count?

Healthy lifestyle, proper diet, ayurvedic medicines can help improve low sperm count. Results can be seen in some months.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction?

For ED, oral pills like Viagra can be taken. Check testosterone levels. Yoga, exercise and ayurvedic methods also helpful. Keep stress low.

Tips to stop premature ejaculation?

Communicate with your partner and go slow. Use condoms. Do pelvic exercises. Sprays/gels can also help reduce sensation.

Remedies for lack of energy/stamina?

Good diet, exercise and lifestyle can boost energy. Try desi remedies like ashwagandha. Cut down stress and smoking.

Can you have sex during periods?

Yes, if you and your partner are comfortable, sex can be done using a condom during periods too.

What to do if penis size is small?

Size doesn’t matter much – technique matters more. But exercises and ayurvedic medicines may help increase size slightly.

Are there any side effects of masturbation?

Unless addicted, masturbation has no side effects. It’s normal but don’t overdo it. Can aid overall health.

How many times can you have sex in a day?

Have sex as many times as you both enjoy. But more than 3-4 times a day may not be advisable. Hydration and rest needed in between.

How to know the right condom size?

Measure erect penis size and choose condoms as per that. Normal or medium size fits most. Test which one feels right.

What are the best sex positions?

The best positions are ones in which you and your partner feel comfortable and enjoy. Keep exploring – missionary and doggy common.

Asking A Sex Doctor – There’s No Shame

Asking about your sexual/intimate health should never be a matter of shame. Doctors will maintain your privacy. Feel free to ask them anything – it’s your right. Healthy sexuality is an important need for everyone.



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