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Roasted Chickpeas in Pregnancy – Beneficial or Risky?

There are many questions during pregnancy about what foods are safe to eat. Everyone wants to know if roasted chickpeas are good or bad for pregnancy. In this blog, we will discuss this in detail.

What are Roasted Chickpeas?

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  • Roasted chickpeas are dry roasted chana/garbanzo beans
  • They are made by roasting chickpeas lightly over low flame
  • Some salt, spices and seasoning are also added for extra flavor
  • Chickpeas are packed with protein, fiber, carbs, vitamins and minerals
  • All these nutrients are crucial during pregnancy

Can You Eat Roasted Chickpeas in Pregnancy?

  • Yes, roasted chickpeas are considered safe to eat during pregnancy
  • They are nutrient-dense which is beneficial for the mother and baby
  • But moderation is key – don’t overeat them
  • 1-2 handfuls (25-30 gm) daily should be enough
ServesRoasted Chickpeas
1 serving (Approx 30 gm)8-10 chickpeas
  • Take slightly less in early pregnancy or first trimester
  • The portion size can be increased in third trimester

Benefits of Eating Roasted Chana in Pregnancy

Roasted chickpeas provide several benefits for pregnancy such as:

1. Provides Nutrients and Minerals

  • Roasted chickpeas contain protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals
  • These are essential for baby’s growth and development
  • The nutrients also give energy to the mother

2. Improves Digestion

  • It has fiber and carbs that ease bloating and improve digestion
  • Relieves issues like gas, acidity, constipation during pregnancy
  • Smoother digestion reduces fullness and heaviness

3. Maintains Heart Health

  • Roasted chickpeas contain magnesium, protein, fiber and omega 3
  • These help to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • The nutrients support heart health

4. Boosts Immunity

  • Chickpeas contain antioxidants, zinc, selenium compounds
  • These strengthen the immune system
  • Shield from infections and viruses during pregnancy
IronBlood circulation & hemoglobin
CalciumHealthy bones & teeth
FolateBrain and spinal development

5. Aids in Weight Management

  • Roasted chickpeas are loaded with fiber and protein which reduces hunger
  • It provides a filling effect and prevents overeating
  • Helps in controlling weight gain and gestational diabetes

There are several other benefits of roasted chickpeas during pregnancy.


How to Eat Roasted Chickpeas During Pregnancy?

Here are some tips to eat roasted chickpeas if pregnant:

  • Avoid the salted/spiced variety
  • Stick to only plain or sonth(dry roasted) chickpeas
  • Choose properly cooked, fresh roasted chana
  • Chew well and eat thoroughly.
  • Don’t eat at night – take only in morning/daytime
  • Don’t overdo it – avoid eating it daily.

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Risks of Eating Roasted Chickpeas in Pregnancy

Though chickpeas are safe, there can still be some risks if not eaten properly in pregnancy:

  • Allergies – some women may be allergic to chickpeas
  • Can cause stomach pain, cramps, discomfort
  • Results in diarrhea or constipation sometimes
  • Too much can lead to gas, acidity, heaviness
  • Nighttime consumption disturbs sleep

Final Verdict on Roasted Chana in Pregnancy

  • Roasted chickpeas can be eaten during pregnancy owing to the many benefits
  • It provides nutrients and advantages for both mother and baby
  • But moderation is key – don’t have too much
  • In case any side effects are observed, consult a doctor immediately.

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FAQs on Eating Roasted Chickpeas in Pregnancy

Can you eat roasted chickpeas during pregnancy?

Yes, you can eat roasted chickpeas in pregnancy as they contain many beneficial nutrients. But don’t overdo it, 1-2 handfuls a day should suffice.

What are the benefits of eating roasted chickpeas in pregnancy?

Roasted chickpeas contain protein, fiber, vitamins which are great for fetal growth and development. They also aid digestion, boost immunity in pregnant women.

Should you eat roasted chickpeas daily in pregnancy?

No, you need not eat roasted chickpeas every day in pregnancy. Just have it occasionally and in moderation. If you like it, you may have it 1-2 times a week.

When should you avoid eating roasted chickpeas in pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid having roasted chickpeas at night as they may cause digestive disturbance. It is better to consume in morning or afternoon. Avoid salted/spicy roasted chana too.

Can roasted chickpeas cause any side effects?

Yes, sometimes people may face complications like allergy or issues like abdominal pain, acidity from roasted chickpeas. In that case, one must consult a doctor immediately.

What is the right way to eat roasted chickpeas in pregnancy?

When eating roasted chickpeas during pregnancy, chew well, pick fresh well-cooked ones, ensure they are not too oily, avoid at night, and don’t take the salted/spiced type.

Does eating roasted chickpeas increase weight in pregnancy?

No roasted chickpeas contain fiber which gives a filling effect. It also has protein which curbs hunger pangs. So it aids weight loss instead of weight gain.

Should you have roasted chickpeas in third trimester?

Yes, you can have slightly more roasted chickpeas in third trimester for added benefits. But restrict it to max 1 handful at a time. And also take breaks from it.

How to store roasted chickpeas and for how long during pregnancy?

Store roasted chickpeas in air-tight container at 0–1-degree temperature. It will easily last chilled for 6 months. Don’t keep for longer duration.

Are salted/spiced chickpeas allowed for pregnant ladies?

No if you are pregnant avoid having masala, salty or spiced chickpeas. They contain excess sodium that can spike blood pressure. Stick to only plain, dry roasted or Sonth chickpeas.



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