Here we will be discussing various foods that can enhance your libido and improve your sexual performance.

Libido refers to a person's sex drive or desire for sexual activity.


Eggs are packed up with calories which increases your whole working ability and boost libido level.

Ginseng Tea

Its contains ginsenoside which has enormous potential to increase the sexual ability in human being.


Nuts are packed with Zinc, Selenium, and vitamin E, best for boosting sexual desire in men.


Avocado has a lot of saturated fats. Saturated fat is very much important for healthy heart.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a chemical that enhances mood and increases sexual desire.


From the ancient time, clove has widely known as good healer to the erectile dysfunction.


The lettuce has immense capability of activating the sexual hormones. So keep it your daily meal.


Saffron is very expensive but highly effective for sex and stomach problelm.

Black Raspberries

The black raspberries have black phytochemical-rich which increases the level of libido.

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