Are you eagerly awaiting your little bundle of joy? Decipher the signs; here are 11 that may indicate a baby boy.

Carrying low

According to old wives' tales, carrying your baby low in your abdomen means you might be expecting a boy.

Fetal Heart Rate

Some studies suggest that boys tend to have a slightly slower heart rate in the womb compared to girls.

Craving Salty

Craving pickles, chips, or cheese more than usual? Some think it indicates a baby boy.

Growing Body Hair

It is believed that carrying a boy can lead to an increase in hair growth on your body.

Less morning sickness

Some women believe that less morning sickness during pregnancy indicates they are carrying a baby boy.

Resting Heart Rate

A high heart rate during pregnancy suggests a girl, while the opposite may indicate a boy.

Increased Appetite

If your hunger seems insatiable during pregnancy, it might be a sign that you are carrying a boy.

Different Skin

Some believe that experiencing acne breakouts may indicate you are pregnant with a boy.

Active Baby

If you feel constant movement in your belly, it could signal that you're carrying a little boy.


If deep down, you have a strong feeling that you're carrying a boy, you just might be right!

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