Kickstart Your Healthy Snacking Journey this Monsoon!

Apples and Peanut Butter

Apples offer antioxidants, vitamins, minerals; peanut butter provides protein, healthy fats, essential nutrients.

Greek yogurt

high in protein & calcium, aiding muscle recovery and bone health. Berries: antioxidants boost metabolism, aid weight loss.

Veggie Sticks & Hummu

Veggies pack low calories, high vitamins, minerals, and fiber; while hummus offers protein and healthy fats.

Quinoa Salad Cup

A complete protein, high fiber, and minerals. Lettuce hydrates; tomatoes and cucumbers provide antioxidants.

Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes offer fiber, potassium, and vitamins while baking reduces unhealthy fats and calories.

Green Smoothie

Iron, vitamins, antioxidants. Bananas: potassium, natural sweetness. Almond milk, nut butter: protein, healthy fats.

Be varied, moderate, and portion-conscious. Stay hydrated, active, and guilt-free for a healthier you!

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