Discover tips to prevent monsoon hairfall and keep your hair healthy during the rainy season.

Understand the Cause

Increased humidity, fungal infections, and weakened hair roots. Understand before preventing.

Cleanse and Hydrate

Regularly clean, hydrate your scalp with mild shampoo to prevent hairfall, fungal infections during monsoon.

Condition & Nourish

Nourish your hair with conditioner after shampooing and eat a diet rich in nutrients for healthier hair.

Oil Massage

Massage warm oil into scalp, improve circulation and strengthen roots, leave overnight, wash off next morning.

Protect from Humidity

Excess humidity makes hair limp and frizzy. Shield it from moisture with an umbrella or hat outdoors, and use anti-frizz products.

Avoid Heat Styling

During the monsoon, avoid heat styling tools to protect your hair. Embrace your natural texture and give it a break.

Keep Scalp Dry

Excess moisture on scalp causes infections and hair fall; dry hair thoroughly after rain, gently pat using soft towel, avoid vigorous rubbing.

Undo Hairstyle

Keep hairstyles loose, avoid tight styles and accessories to prevent hair breakage.

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