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What is Leucoderma?

Leucoderma is a skin condition in which white patches develop on any part of the body. This causes uneven skin color. This skin disease is also known as vitiligo.

Read through the entire blog to know what causes leucoderma and if its treatment is possible.

Causes of Leucoderma

Causes of Leucoderma
  • Autoimmune disorder – Immunity system attacks its own cells
  • Genetic/hereditary – Transfers from parents
  • Skin injury or other diseases
  • Chemicals exposure – Some chemicals can cause leucoderma
  • Stress – Mental tension can be a reason

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Symptoms of Leucoderma

Symptoms of leucoderma develop slowly. Firstly you’ll notice white patches on your body. The symptoms of these patches are:

  • In the beginning very small white spots appear that gradually increase
  • Borders are irregular and outlines are faintly visible
  • Lack of sensation in white patches – no feeling in them
  • Can occur on any body part like lips, face, hands etc.
  • After a few days more spots may appear on various body parts

Treatment of Leucoderma: Ayurvedic & Allopathy


Ayurvedic Treatment

In Ayurveda, leucoderma is also called as kilsa or shwetkushta. To treat it, ayurvedic doctors use some special medicines and therapies:

  • Bakuchi oil – Helps induce skin pigment and reduce white spots
  • Ginko biloba – Boosts immunity and makes nerves healthy
  • Alovera – Reduces skin lightening and irritation
  • Baba Ramdev’s divya yoga and meditation

All these together boost immunity and increase skin cell regeneration.

Allopathic Treatment

  • Corticosteroid creams – Help improve skin pigmentation
  • Immunosuppressants like tacrolimus & pimecrolimus – These calcineurin inhibitors reduce autoimmune reaction
  • Phototherapy – Light therapy to treat affected skin area
  • Skin grafting – When other treatments fail, doctors can graft new skin by removing affected skin

All these treatments try to tackle the underlying cause and regenerate pigment cells.

But the treatment is not successful in every case and sometimes the disease may relapse. So along with the treatments, consistency and patience both are important.

Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines for Leucoderma

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  • Have a healthy balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. daily. These provide antioxidants.
  • Important to take Vitamin D (sunlight), B12, C, E and minerals like zinc, copper
  • Avoid unhealthy food like fried, spicy, processed items
  • Practice stress relieving activities like yoga, meditation
  • Stay away from smoking, chronic alcohol
  • Exercise daily and remain active

Ways to Prevent Leucoderma

Preventing leucoderma completely is not possible but some measures can help slow it down:

  • Develop a strong immune system in your child through proper food, lifestyle etc.
  • Protect skin from sunlight, apply SPF creams before going out
  • Get any infection treated immediately by doctor
  • Keep stress levels low

FAQs – Questions and Answers About Leucoderma

How Many Days Will Leucoderma Take To Cure?

Leucoderma can take time to heal as skin pigmentation needs to regenerate. It may take anywhere between few months to years if proper treatment is going on.

Is Leucoderma Transferable?

Yes leucoderma can get transferred to asymptomatic people. Mostly indirect transfer occurs but direct is also possible if affected skin contacts open wound of a healthy person.

Is There a Permanent Treatment for Leucoderma?

In most cases leucoderma has no permanent cure and keeps relapsing. But early diagnosis and treatment increase chances of recovery. Still some precautions need to be continued to prevent relapse.

What Are The Chances of Leucoderma Relapsing?

In 40% cases patches start recovering as treatment continues. But in 20-30% cases it keeps coming back repeatedly. Efforts are made to prevent this.

How Effective is Laser Treatment for Leucoderma?

Laser treatment is considered very effective for treating leucoderma. It stimulates cell growth and brings back pigmentation in 80-90% cases if done properly. But it is quite expensive too.

Is Leucoderma a Disease or Disorder?

Leucoderma is a skin condition and disease that is also referred as autoimmune disorder since in this the body harms its own cells. So its both – a disease and skin disorder.

How Can You Prevent Leucoderma?

Permanently preventing leucoderma is considered impossible but some ways can stop it from occurring like – healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, long term medications etc.

I hope you have got complete information about leucoderma – what it is, its symptoms, treatment options, preventive measures etc. Do ask if you have any other doubts!



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